We are hiring! – Postdoctoral fellow

Aquatic Ecology Lab at University of North Carolina Greensboro is seeking a postdoctoral fellow (the project summary can be found here). The successful candidate will work with Dr. Akira Terui (UNC Greensboro) and in collaboration with Dr. Jacques Finlay (University of Minnesota). To apply, visit Spartan Talent at UNCG.

Position summary: The Post-Doctoral Fellow will work on an NSF-funded project which aims to understand the divers of food chain length in rivers. The project employs advanced mathematical and statistical methods to advance the conceptual understanding of how food chain length is determined in natural systems. Therefore, the postdoc should be proficient in programming, preferably in R and/or C++. The postdoc is expected to communicate his/her results through publications in scientific journals, presentations at professional meetings, and/or outreach events.

Minimum Qualifications: Ph.D. in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science, or related fields.

Preferable Qualifications: Proficient in programming, preferably in R and/or C++, with background in stream and food web ecology.

Undergraduate students

Students who are interested in freshwater ecology/spatial ecology/quantitative ecology are encouraged to contact me (a_terui at uncg.edu). Opportunities exist to learn field research skills and statistical modeling with R.

Graduate students

I am looking for a self-motivated master student starting fall 2021. Research questions in our group are all, either directly or indirectly, related to spatial ecology in freshwater ecosystems. If you feel excited about explaining complex systems with “simple” rules, you may be a good fit. I enjoy and struggle with developing questions – I therefore advise students to create their own questions. I believe this helps become an independent researcher.


I welcome inquiries about postdoctoral projects in our research group. If our research program is a good fit for your interests, please email me (a_terui at uncg.edu) with your CV and a short summary of your research interests (1-2 pages). We can develop collaborative projects through postdoctoral fellowships, such as Smith Fellowship and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship.